Engage Your Online Learners with Drag and Drop Games

Jan 17, 2014 2:58:24 PM
by LERN |

The more your learners interact with the content, the more they learn.  This is particularly true of gamesGeneration Y (born 1980-1999), your association’s future.

Gen Y, and Gen Z following it, learn more when they interact with the content.    One great technique, now available with low cost software, is called “drag and drop."  At LERN we think of them as learning games.

Drag and drop games involve the learner using her or his cursor to take an object on the screen and move it (drag) to the correct place on the game (drop).  The research shows that when someone physically does this exercise, the person learns more than if that person just read about it or listened to someone talk about it. The person learns more even though the exercise is online and not in the physical world.

You are canoeing and need to stop and camp for the night. Where is the best place for each activity?  And in what order do you do each activity to maximize your safety and comfort? When you play this drag and drop game, you internalize and integrate your learning more than if you just read or listened to your instructor.. 

LERN has had a drag and drop game in our Advanced Teaching Online course for almost 10 years.  It was built by our techie and involved knowing code and some time. Teachers in the course have continually found the drag and drop game helpful and ofen asked us how they can build a drag and drop game.  Now we have found a low cost web site where you can build your own drag and drop games.

Do a search for drag and drop game software and see what you find.  We found a low cost software called Dragster, available at   There’s a free trial offer.  And if you want to get a subscription like we did, it is available for around $100 a year for seemingly as many drag and drop games as you wish to create.

LERN will have a complimentary webinar on Thursday, May 22, at 2 pm Eastern Time, demonstrating how drag and drop games work, and how they get created. Email to sign up.  Or check out the Webinars  page under Events & Education on this website.




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