Top Issues in Association Learning

Jan 17, 2014 3:45:38 PM
by LERN |

Mobiles and online lead the list of issues for association educators right now. From a survey of leading association educators, here’s their current list of top issues in association learning.

Susan Bakewell, AORN, Denver, Colorado Susan Bakewell, AORN, Denver, Colorado

1. What strategies people are using to integrate face to face training with online learning. Are they simply putting everything they have in the face to face format online – so it is just another delivery option (is the value the savings in travel and time away from office) - this is what AM (Management) A and ASTD do. Are they looking at online as a way to enhance face to face training- more in-depth topics or additional content? Or is the best way to lead people on a learning path or career path, which includes defining competencies and skillsets for a particular job and delivering the training in all modalities.

Cheryl Green Pozner, National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, Mass.

2. What online formats are most successful?

Gabriele Janes, Canadian Marketing Federation, Toronto

3. Design and implementation of blended learning and/or flipped classroom models.

Rob Watters, ASQ, Milwaukee, Wisc.

4. Utilizing Mobile Devices and Creating Strategy Surrounding this Technology

5. Creating Business Cases for Technology Upgrades

6. Coaching vs Consulting

7. Gathering Level 3 and 4 Evaluations (Challenges)

8. Intellectual Property/Protection

9. Content Licensing Models

Susan Bakewell, AORN, Denver, Colo.

10. Online programs

11. Mobile education Strategic direction and development time, positives and negatives



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