New! NeuroEducation

Feb 12, 2014 12:39:24 PM
by LERN |

NeuroEducation, the science of learning and the brain, is a new area developing in neurology and association education.

TracyTracy King, Associate Director of Education for the American Academy of Neurology, will be a SuperStar presenter at the big LERN annual conference in Orlando November 21-22, 2014.

Here’s the two sessions she will be presenting at the conference, attended by 900 educators:

NeuroEducation: Science of the Learning Brain

As educators we are in the business of changing brains. But does our course design take into consideration how the brain learns? The emerging field of NeuroEducation addresses the intersection of mind, brain and education. In this session, we will tour the learning brain and debunk long held NeuroMyths.

NeuroEducation In Action: Applying Insights that Impact Learning

Understanding the neuroscience of learning is only the first step in making a difference in the classroom. In this session we will explore the implications of NeuroEducation and discuss strategies for designing rich learning experiences.

For conference information and registration, visit the LERN Annual Conference page.



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