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Feb 13, 2014 12:46:35 PM
by LERN |

the newsHere’s the news from leading association educators meeting in Tucson this spring. Thanks to Susan Davis of the American Society of Civil Engineers in Washington DC for this report.

  • Conference attendance is up (up to 20% increase at ASQ) Possibly due to registration processes being streamlined.
  • Industry is seeking more bite-sized learning available 24/7. Very focused content.
  • Research shows the average time is 50 minutes that people will spend on a webinar; if you archive webinars 20-25% of people will listen via archive. You could increase attendance by 20-25%.
  • Canadian Marketing Association is web-casting half-day seminars. More informational topics, not interactive for those who don't want to (or can’t afford to) travel to attend. Video crew is on-site for recording and logistics.
  • Virtual, synchronous live 2-3 day courses are down (ASQ) piloting doing more in-depth shorter synchronous courses. Attendees are not willing to take 2-3 days online to participate. ASQ has experienced a decline over the last couple years in these courses.
  • More companies want to license their (ASQ) products rather than bring in an in-house training. ASQ sells them the customized content; but they can continue sell the core content.
    • A lot of global companies want to own the content then they want to hire ASQ to come in for coaching. 16% decrease in contract training offset by income coming in from coaching.
  • Need to teach members how to get the most out of online learning to pull in those who are hesitant and not convinced about online learning.
  • Not sure how to implement hybrid learning, recommendation for LERN to provide best practices
  • Public interest courses are up
  • There is a concern on how to protect our intellectual property

news 2 Rob Watters, association executive with ASQ, has been elected Chair-Elect of the LERN Board of Directors. Other LERN leaders: Gabriele Janes, Canadian Marketing Association (left) and Immediate Past Chair of the Board; Susan Bakewell, AORN, past Board member; and Aiysha Johnson, American Dental Association (right), Chair of the LERN Association Council.



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