LERN pioneers conference quizzes

Dec 2, 2014 10:19:53 AM
by LERN |

uizzesLERN pioneered yet another association innovation this year by creating session quizzes at our big annual conference.

The outcomes based quizzes allow attendees and their supervisors to measure conference participation by knowledge acquisition rather than just seats in chairs.

This will become part of our marketing and benefits for organizations sending people to our conference.

For a one-hour concurrent session, participants needed to pass a 5 question quiz at the 80% level to receive CEUs or graduate school credit.  They could retake the quizzes.

Participants could take the quiz on their cell phones, or on paper.

Some 69 sessions, or 95% of the sessions, had a quiz.  There were 55 people who took one or more quizzes, and the 390 attempts were rewarded with 218 pass scores of 80% or 100%.  Six attendees took a quiz for every one of the nine session time slots.

The quizzes used the International Learning Unit (ILU) standard.  For information on how to use quizzes to enhance your conference, email



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