Are Webinars going mobile?

Mar 21, 2016 10:20:06 AM
by Katie |

SmartphoneIn this month’s class on Designing Successful Webinars, Brian Wakabayashi asks: “GoToWebinar has a mobile app - has anyone used it?”  “I imagine that more participants now want to connect on their smartphones/tablets, instead of sitting in front of a desktop at a scheduled date/time.

“I would think as well that this would have an impact on the visuals used - they have to be more graphic/fewer words than ever (not a bad thing), but maybe also optimized for display on a small screen?”

Dan Belhassen, in his LERN webinar on eTools this month, noted everything is going mobile. He said the term for making one's screen and visuals mobile sensitive was "responsive."

So whether you have webinar attendees participating now from cell phones, the tech experts suggest that mobile screen size is coming for webinars as well.

Interestingly, LERN is already advocating single image slides with 6-8 words. Right now not every slide can be that "Ideal" slide (we suggest 1 of every 3), but that's the direction.



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