Electronic or Paper Handouts?

Aug 29, 2016 2:53:23 PM
by LERN |

Businesswoman-working-at-her-office-desk-with-documents-and-laptop-000031045570_Large.jpgEvent attendees, including Gen Yers, continue to be split on their preference for electronic versus paper handouts.  

LERN consultant Fred Bayley shared his experience with both handouts from a recent association presentation he did, after asking attendees which they prefer. Here’s his report.

Here’s his report:
• They were split on which they preferred - electronic or paper. This was not generational.
• The paper format was desired so they could write on the information.
• Some wanted the paper format because they had no means of seeing the handouts electronically during the session.
• There was no consensus on the format for the electronic version. Some wanted it in PowerPoint format so they could make notes on the slides. Some wanted it in pdf because they had the ability to write on a pdf on their tablet or computer.
• The biggest concern about electronic was the ability to have connectivity during the experience. Without connectivity, some would not have access to the electronic notes.



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