Lifelong learning programs face challenge to measure effectiveness

Mon, Nov 07,2011 @ 02:22 PM
by Suzanne Kart |

Program development includes measuring effectivenessOne of the contemporary challenges to education - especially in terms of continuing education and lifelong learning programs - is finding the best way to measure the effectiveness of your program.

Whether you offer senior learning programs, professional ce classes, or kids summer camps, being financially self-sufficient is vital to your success.

In order to be effective, however, you need to measure more than just dollars. It's important to monitor how many people in your community are being served, whether your program impacts your local economy, and even whether your program helps move some people into other services and programs.

LERN suggests using four bottom-line measurements to ensure your program is self-sufficient - and six criteria for measuring your program's effectiveness. To find out more, download our free white paper.

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