Mobiles: The New Frontier in Lifelong Learning

Thu, Jan 05,2012 @ 10:02 AM
by Suzanne Kart |
mobile marketing

The latest big breaking news is that mobiles are now the new frontier in the field of continuing education and lifelong learning.

In fact, it was the theme for the big LERN Annual Conference in New Orleans Nov 30-Dec 3, 2011.

The subject of mobiles, or smartphones, will be introduced to the field with a keynote and concurrent sessions.

In the first discussion of mobiles for the field, LERN leaders outlined these topic areas related to mobiles:

  • How people use mobiles
  • Mobile apps and how to develop them for your program
  • Making your web site mobile friendly for people accessing your web site on a smartphone
  • Mobile marketing and how you can promote your program by reaching people on their smartphones
  • The future of mobiles.

Some programs are already initiating the first projects with mobiles. Jan Wahl of San Diego State University reported creating a mobile app for their extended studies program. Greg
Marshall of Whatcom Community College in Bellevue, Washington, noted his activities with QR codes.

Of course, LERN unveiled its own mobile-optimized site for the 2011 conference. Click here to see it.

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