Contract Training Programs Division Models

Thu, Jan 19,2012 @ 10:30 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

Contract TrainingContract training programs primarily operate under three models:

  • The solar system
  • The fried egg
  • The Musketeer (All for one and one for all!)

The solar system model
In the solar system model, the least effective of the three, each division is separate and has its own priorities and own agendas. Often the contract program will feel hamstrung in trying to deal with individual divisions to achieve its potential.

The fried egg model
Many organizations will find this model in use. Contract training staff will work with continuing education to develop and deliver training services. Contract training staff may do many other jobs, as well. To be most successful, this model requires that there be separate employees
to do sales for the contract training program.

The Musketeer model (All for one and one for all!)
In this model, the contract training division has almost complete autonomy. The staff are not restricted by the usual policies and models in the larger institution. While there
is great freedom and the potential for entrepreneurial success, those operating in this model may find their department lacks the support network of the school at large.

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