7 roles for continuing education leaders in the 21st Century

Thu, Feb 02,2012 @ 02:01 PM
by Suzanne Kart |

lifelong learning, leadershipA new lifelong learning leader is beginning to evolve. A CEO in the Information Age is much different than a CEO in the Industrial Age. All business leaders are facing this shift. Lifelong learning is no different.

The following are key requirements of Information Age lifelong learning leaders.

CEO as Entrepreneur
An Information Age CEO must be an entrepreneur. This means a lifelong learning CEO must actively be looking for new opportunities. Opportunities may come in the form of new markets and/or new products. 50% of a CEO’s time must be spent outside the office talking to customers and learning about what their customers want to learn about.

CEO as Change Agent
No longer can CEOs be focused on maintaining the status quo. Change is important and must be constant. All staff must be continually looking at ways to increase the value of their
customers’ experience. CEOs must recognize the need to “educate” their employees and increase the intellectual capital of their organizations.

CEO as Lateral Leader
Running a lifelong learning program top-down is no longer possible. Staff must be given responsibilities and be made accountable. One person can no longer manage everything, and CEOs must delegate decision making to other staff members. Empowerment is
important for both directors/managers and front line staff.

CEO as Brand Builder
Building your organization’s brand is much more important than developing products. A CEO must concentrate a considerable amount of time building the program’s brand. What makes your program more appealing than others? What are your organizational
strengths? Why are you unique to your customers?

CEO as Customer Advocate
Customer retention is a key to success in the Information Age. Customers do not come back because of poor quality, poor service, or a lack of new products. CEOs must make sure quality, service and products are top notch and that staff members think customers
first, organization second and themselves third.

CEO as Operations Specialist
Running a simple organization is important. All obstacles that complicate the running of the lifelong learning program must be eliminated. The delivery methods must be diversified but there must be a commonality between them all. Having the right tools, such as a web-based software system, is critical.

CEO as Coach
You are the leader of the team. You must set the example. Your team follows your lead. The first six points must be at the heart of your teaching and examples. If so, your team will grow your business and prosper individually.

If we want to survive as CEOs in the Information Age, we must change how we lead. Use these guidelines to help you plan how you will lead your lifelong learning program.

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