Using QR Codes in continuing education marketing

Thu, Apr 19,2012 @ 08:00 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

QR CodeContinuing education and lifelong learning programs already are using QR Codes- or Quick Response Codes - in a number of ways.

A QR Code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that is readable by smartphones with cameras.

Here are some of the uses already identified for our field:

Link to your web site.

The most popular use for a QR code right now is probably to link to your web site. But QR codes will want to be linked to mobile optimized web sites to be most effective.

Link to specific web pages.

Another popular early use for QR codes right now is to link to the specific web page for a specific course or event.  For example, one program mailed out post cards for an event, and then provided a QR code that went directly to the event’s web page rather than to a main or home page, thus making it easy and quick for interested people to get full information online.

Business cards with QR codes.

Create a business card with a QR code on it.  People not only can get to your contact information online quickly, you can also provide more information online than you can get on a business card. In addition, software is coming that will allow a user to automatically add the information to an address book from a QR code.

Link to YouTube videos.

QR codes can link directly to YouTube videos. For our field, this means creating a quick and easy visual and multimedia approach to your promotions, course and event information, instructor videos, and organizational videos.

Electronic brochures

While 70% of registrations still come from people receiving print brochures, having electronic brochures as an additional option is a good idea.  A QR code can link to an electronic version of your brochure.

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