Increase operations efficiency by cutting office space

Fri, Apr 27,2012 @ 08:04 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

Bigger continuing education offices cost somebody more money. Bigger offices also take more staff time away from incomeproducing activities. It’s time to cut your office space. Being more efficient with your physical office space will have positive spill-over impacts on becoming more efficient in other areas as well.

Why Cut Office Space

Over the last ten years, the average office space has been reduced by 25%, except
for organizations positioning themselves for greater success, where office space has
been cut by almost 50%.operations, continuing education

Here are the top reasons why you should cut back on office space right now:

Save overhead costs

Space costs money. Space also costs money to light, heat, and clean. Even if you are not paying for that cost directly, someone is paying for it. Either your program saves money, or you create good public relations and image by helping your institution to save money.

Status is gone

The status that goes with more space is gone. The perks that go with more space have disappeared. Buildings are an albatross, not a sign of success. If you need to demonstrate
your success, cite the growth in your web site, income and enrollments, or percentage of your
community served.

Travel time is reduced

Travel time around an office? Exactly.

Communication takes more time in bigger offices. It takes time getting up, walking
down the hall, checking to see if someone is there or not, looking in other rooms for
people, and returning when people are out for a bit.

Maintenance is lowered

Every piece of equipment you have will break down at some point in time. Every shelf needs to be cleaned sometime. And everything takes time to maintain: clean, move, store, decide to get rid of, and then get rid of.

Objects expand to fill space

One of those mysteries of the universe, but the more space you have, the more objects you get, the longer you keep them, and the bigger clutter you get.

Clutter creates mental clutter

Your staff’s physical surroundings do matter. That’s why when there is physical clutter in the office, it can very well create mental clutter for your staff. Let individuals keep their desks how they want, but keep the group space uncluttered for maximum productivity.

Paper creates work
The more paper you have in your office, the more work is created. Paper is the most common tangible product for your office. And when paper is created, additional tasks are created.
Use technology to store information, not paper and save staff time.

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