5 Metrics for measuring eMarketing

Thu, May 03,2012 @ 09:30 AM
by Suzanne Kart |
emarketing for continuing education programs

Getting started measuring the effectiveness of your eMarketing for continuing education programs can be confusing. LERN recommends that you look at your metrics over a period of several months to monitor fluctuations.

Below are some of the basics to begin measuring.

Unique visitors – these are the number of individuals who are visiting your site. If your eMarketing efforts are working, you should see an upward trend over time. Everything you do in eMarketing should be attempting to drive traffic to your site.

Repeat visitors – these are the people who are coming back to your site. A repeat rate of around 15% is good. That means that you have enough new information to bring people back to your site, but you are also doing a good job driving new people to your site.

Sources of traffic – this will tell you how people are finding you. Organic traffic means that people are finding you by searching specific keywords in a search engine (i.e. continuing education). Direct traffic means that a person typed in your url – or used a bookmark. Referral traffic comes when another website links to you. Your goal should be to have 40% of your traffic from organic search, 40% from direct traffic and 20% from referral traffic.

Bounce rate – A high bounce rate may indicate there is something wrong with your site such as weak content or confusing organization of information. You want to monitor this rate over time to check for changes, etc. Bounce rates vary from organization to organization, therefore this data should be judged based on past results.

Conversion rate – The conversation rate is the number of individuals who come to your site and then take a desired action, such as becoming a customer.

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