Sales kits for contract training in continuing education

Mon, May 14,2012 @ 10:09 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

contract training, continuing educationHaving a point-of-sales kit is helpful. The key for success at minimum cost is flexibility. A simple folio with removable inserts is a great way to go. LERN recommends you allocate up to 5% of your contract programs budget for promotions, so you can use some of those dollars here.

A good sales kit includes some or all of the following:

A simple card-stock weight “pee-chee” style portfolio, printed in two or more colors on an elegant paper will do. One color is an option, of course, but highlighting information is easier if you have more than one color to work with.

Remember, this kit is a sales piece. Its function is to be the prospective client’s introduction to who you are and what you do. It should have your Unique Selling Proposition on it at least once. It should focus on what you do and the benefit of those services to the prospective client.

The inside should allow die cuts for the insertion of a business card. All of the contact information for your institution should be printed on the folder as well, in the event that the business card is removed.

The filler pieces — more in-depth descriptions of classes and services, faculty information, articles and so on — can be photocopied onto good quality stock and inserted. This will allow you to update on a regular basis without having to reprint the more costly folder that contains these pieces.

Using the filler pieces allows you to build custom kits for each prospect. You can carry some generically- filled ones for cold calls and build ones specifically suited to an individual or a company before you meet for the informational interview.

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