9 Tips for Continuing Education Course Description Formats

Wed, May 30,2012 @ 01:51 PM
by Suzanne Kart |
The format of your course descriptions is critical to boosting registrations. From more than 30 years experience with thousands of brochures, we know course descriptionsthe format that works. Here it is.
  1. Put the course title in bold. And only the course title goes in bold, nothing else.
  2. Course titles should be in black ink. Do not put course titles in colored ink.
  3. Put “New” next to new course titles. Nothing else should be on the line with the course title except the word ‘New’ when applicable. Do not include course numbers or any other
    info on the title line.
  4. Immediately under the course title, run the course description. Logistical information goes after the course description, not before it.
  5. If you want to distinguish your logistical information (time, place, etc.) put it in italics, but not in boldface.
  6. Do not boldface the price.
  7. Run on the copy for the logistical information to save valuable space. You do not need to have separate lines for date, time, instructor, location and price. Instead, run them on
    to save space.
  8. Prices should not have .00 at the end. Use $59, not $59.00.
  9. Course descriptions should be from 40 words to 120 words.
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