In continuing education, focus programming on the winners

Mon, Jun 04,2012 @ 08:27 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

Forget the losers and below average events/courses. Instead, focus
more of your time and extra promotion dollars on the winners and above average events/courses.

This often ignored but time-tested advice comes from seminar guru Anver Suleiman.

Here’s the deal. Out of every ten events or courses or activities your program
runs, there will be:

  • SuperStar winners — one to two events/courses that are very profitable.
  • Above average — one to two events/ courses that make more money than mostcontinuing education
  • Average — around four events/courses that do just okay.
  • Below average — one to two events/ courses that should be doing better.
  • Losers — one to two events/courses that lose a lot of money.

This is the distribution for just about every program, no matter how successful your program is.

Where do you and most of your staff put the majority of your time and extra  promotional dollars? The losers and below average events/courses.

You think about these activities on your way to work.
Staff spends time trying to figure out how to make them more successful.

Any extra promotional dollars that are available usually gets spent on trying to boost these activities.

We feel like these activities are failures and take the blame personally. Instead, we need to focus more of our time, energies and dollars on promoting and expanding our SuperStar Winners and Above Average events/courses.

Here’s why:

1. The winners are the activities that pay for your salary.
2. The winners support your mission-central but not-so-profitable activities.
3. The winners are the activities

Forget the losers and focus on the winners where you can most easily get more profitability for your program.
4. The winners give you a much bigger
bang for the promotional buck.

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