Why continuing education programs must build significant brands

Tue, Jun 12,2012 @ 12:23 PM
by Suzanne Kart |
continuing education marketingWhen branding your continuing education program, you must know what your Unique Selling Proposition is, as well as your organizational strengths. What distinguishes you from your competition?

This is not a product or a service, but instead the image your customers have of your organization. LERN’s significant brand is “Information That Works!” Providers of lifelong
learning come to LERN for practical, how-to information that helps them improve their program’s performance.

Why do your customers come to you and how do you build on the image and spread the image to more non-customers?

Programs dedicated to branding are doing the following:

  • Determining their USP - In conjunction with best customers, they are determining their organizational strengths and the voids their program fills. Once determined they are aggressively capitalizing on their USP in promotions, when answering the phone, and in conversation with customers and non-customers.
  • Everyone wears a marketing hat - In order to improve the image of your program, you need to make sure all staff and instructors are aware that they are part of the marketing effort. They may not develop promotions, a subset of marketing, but they do build the image of the organization by how they communicate with customers; the extra care they give to providing participants with a quality learning experience; the speed with which they respond to customer questions, complaints and requests; and the flexibility of program delivery.
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