Ensure consistency in communication channels in continuing education

Thu, Jun 14,2012 @ 09:37 AM
by Suzanne Kart |
continuing education

The 21st century, the Information Age, is requiring us to expand our methods of communication to customers. No longer do we just produce a brochure/catalog/schedule, but now we have targeted promotions, a web site, partnerships, and many other creative ways of getting the word out. Consistency is now critical. The look needs to be the same, as well as the service provided. Each channel of communication must provide the same or more information (a web site can provide the same information as a brochure, but it can also provide more and certainly should not provide less).

When partnering to run a program (in conjunction with a local business or organization) or to advertise our programs (another web site), we must be very clear that this partnership does not
delude or hurt the message we are trying to send to our customers and to the public.

A great deal of time has been put into building your brand, so you must be selective about whom you allow to have an opportunity to build or destroy that brand. Expanding channels of
communication will only get more important in the 21st century, but good decisions need to be made about whom you expand with or how you expand.

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