The most exciting presentation in continuing education

Tue, Jul 31,2012 @ 09:00 AM
by Suzanne Kart |
continuing educationNine Shift for 2013: The Great American Comeback

Every year at the big LERN Conference, the latest update on the Nine Shift is always much anticipated. This November in Washington D.C., William Draves brings the best Nine Shift presentation ever!

With all our predictions coming true, he offers new predictions for 2015-2017 in this year’s new edition of Nine Shift. Find out what happened 100 years ago in the fight for the new century, and how the current fight will turn out. Learn what new things the kids are doing now.

And as always, take home a totally new perspective on work, life and education in the 21st

Spend an hour with someone who works the whole year on the cutting edge. Want to see a sample of the Nine Shift presentation? Check out what Draves had to say at the the TEDxNASA talk!

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