Guest Post! Why timing is important in lifelong learning marketing

Mon, Aug 27,2012 @ 12:21 PM
by Suzanne Kart |
continuing education marketingTiming is incredibly important in any marketing plan or initiative. Some tactics like a Facebook post requires less time; however, it still requires planning and should be part of a bigger, well-thought out plan.

Launching new classes or programs require much more contemplation and preparation, as the timing of the launch can exert a significant influence on your success. In this case, you need to be planning several months in advance and you will need to consider important tie-ins, like using the cover of your schedule to promote, when to run paid advertising and issuing press releases when the media is most likely to pick up a story.  All of this requires sitting down and looking at a calendar so you can determine the how much time is necessary to get critical components in place.

Timing not only plays a part in the actual tactics, but there are other items that need to be reflected upon and include; messaging - will you have a call to action? When are students more likely to enroll (buy) in a class?  Is there seasonality that will affect purchasing behavior?  Do your close competitors that offer the same or similar programs (think about ways to preempt them)? 

Equally important is to think of other factors out of your control that will impact success.  Will there be construction on or off campus?  Is there new equipment or software that will change how business gets done on campus or in the classroom?  Are there policy changes that need to be reviewed?  What is the competition doing and how will that affect you and your programs?

While it is hard to summarize all of the items that need to be deliberated in under 500 words, the main message here is to generate and review a series of considerations that can help determine timing for success.

Guest blogger Lauren Smith works for Schoolcraft College in Michigan.
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