Digital Marketer discusses mobile marketing for continuing education

Tue, Sep 04,2012 @ 10:58 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

simon saltSimon Salt, an experienced digital marketer, is a featured speaker at the big LERN Conference this year in Washington, D.C. He has been recognized for his ability to provide strategic marketing guidance that covers Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing. He writes online at He is Author of Social Location Marketing, and The Shorty Guide to Mobile Marketing.

Here are some of the great sessions he will be facilitating:

New! From Text to App
Gain an understanding of the mobile marketing landscape, including SMS/MMS marketing, nonnative apps, native apps and leveraging existing apps. Leave with an understanding of when it is appropriate to build and when it is appropriate to buy a solution and what that solution should look like.

New! Strategy Design
A follow-on from the “From Text to App” session for those who are already comfortable with the broader concepts of mobile marketing. How the decisions are made behind a successful mobile marketing campaign, including your intent and goals, metrics, platform decisions, and pricing implications.

New! Campaign Design
Where the rubber meets the road. We get tactical. Come away with an understanding of how to implement the strategies that you have decided on, including elements of a successful campaign, design choices and implications, case study of a successful campaign, and measuring success.

New! Campaign Execution
This is a follow-on session from the Campaign Design session. Attendees should have attended that session. We look at how your campaign fits into the broader mix, including timing, integration with other campaign elements, cross organization training, and gaining customer buy-in.

Don't miss the most exciting week of the year in lifelong learning and continuing education at the big LERN Conference this November in Washington, D.C.

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