Cloud computing for lifelong learning and continuing education

Mon, Sep 24,2012 @ 10:05 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

Dan Belhassen, continuing educationWe hear a lot about Cloud Computing these days in the field of continuing education and lifelong learning. This technology allows you to store information and data in a "cloud" and allows you to access that information from a web browser without taking up space on your computer or your server.

Dan Bellhassen will be presenting an exciting new session on this at the big LERN Conference this November in Washington D.C. (If you haven't already registered, you should do it soon. Registrations are surging and LERN has already secured an overflow hotel to accomodate the extra people.)

Bellhassen is the founder of Modern Earth, and one of North America's leading experts in eMarketing for lifelong learning and continuing education. His new session at the LERN conference is called "Living in a Cloud."

If you attend his session, you'll get 5 tools to power up your program. You'll also discover 5
innovative cloud-based tools and learn how these tools will revolutionize your online marketing.

Bellhassen is a dynamic speaker. Want to see an example? Check out this video.



Interested in more information on online marketing? Download our free tip sheet below - it's just another example of the kind of information you'll take home from the big LERN Conference!

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