Guest Post! Tactic Circle Essential for Continuing Education Marketin

Fri, Oct 19,2012 @ 12:29 PM
by Suzanne Kart |
continuing educationEvery marketing person who works in Continuing Education should have what I commonly refer to as the “tactic circle”.  The tactic circle is essentially a list of all of the different marketing tactics that are available to you for little or no charge to communicate your message and programs as frequently or infrequently as you choose. 

Tactics that may appear on the tactic circle could include;

  • messaging on your campus marquees
  • static slides for your closed circuit cable station
  • PSA for your campus radio station
  • leaflets at the checkout in the cafeteria and library
  • table tents for the cafeteria and study areas
  • pre-made book marks for the campus book store
  • bill inserts for any on-campus sit down restaurants
  • flyers and posters for collateral racks, sign poles, student center billboards, locker rooms, etc
  • blade signs and custom flags to move around campus to generate interest
  • retractable banners to promote at events
  • custom brochures for high-dollar programs
  • press releases
  • event postings and class listings on Craigslist and other local listing services
  • landing pages
  • email blasts to current students (general, promote next class of a series)
  • participate in on-campus events that make sense for your program’s demographics
  • postings on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.
  • digital email signatures for everyone in your department
  • conduct roadshows to key departments on campus to remind them of your offerings (counseling, admissions and enrollment)
  • send items to local libraries, chambers of commerce, parks & rec departments, school systems, etc.

Do you get the idea? These items are really considered low hanging fruit with little or no cost.  This is NOT your paid advertisements but should be a part of your total marketing plan.  The idea is to do this continually – change the message and visuals – do not become a part of the environment!  Additionally, if you have multiple campus locations, this needs to be considered and modified for each location, not just your main campus.

Guest Blogger Lauren Smith works for Schoolcraft College in Michigan. If you are interested in writing a guest post, email Suzanne Kart at

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