How much should your continuing education program spend on eMarketing?

Mon, Oct 29,2012 @ 11:40 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

continuing education, emarketingWhile direct mail and the print brochure still constitute around 70% - 75% of the registrations for a typical successful continuing education program, eMarketing is a powerful force in our field.

LERN still recommends that 75% of your marketing budget continue to be spent on direct mail, print brochures and brochure distribution for most programs. However, eMarketing -
including websites, email promotions, social media, and inbound marketing - is the second most important way that most programs can generate registrations and income.

Successful programs can spend up to 15% of promotion dollars on eMarketing. While most of the resources for eMarketing involve staff time rather than direct expenditures of money, there is a growing realization that spending money on eMarketing is also generating a good
to excellent Return on Investment (ROI). Whether it be for outside consultants, online advertising, or commercial email promotion providers, direct expenditures for eMarketing are growing for continuing education and lifelong learning programs. Given the good rate of return from expenditures for eMarketing, the direct expenditures are expected to continue to grow.
Compared to direct mail and eMarketing, other kinds of promotions are both supplementary and optional, often dependent on the type of offering and audience.

Paid advertising and publicity are now around 5% to 10% of a typical promotion budget for a successful program. Paid advertising is almost always a supplement to the brochure and website. Publicity differs from paid advertising in that there is no direct cost for publicity, such as articles in newspapers, public service announcements on radio, and so on. Publicity is arguably applicable and positive for any and every program, but we know it is not as essential to program success as the brochure and eMarketing.

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