New Tales from the Road of Lifelong Learning

Mon, Apr 08,2013 @ 08:31 AM
by Greg Marsello |

The 3rd Annual Contract Training Conference describe the imagein Chicago was a big success. Over 80 people attending lots of great sessions. Julia King Tamang did an outstanding job setting the stage by outlining CT Trends and Greg Surtman's Keynote Address was full of great strategies, best practices, and tips. Lots of interest in lead generation, marketing contract training, and finding/working with instructors. Plans have already begun for the 2014 CT Conference.

Tales from the Road of Lifelong Learning posts are written by Greg Marsello, LERN’s co-founder and Vice President for  Organizational Development. As "the hardest working man in lifelong learning," Greg has conducted more consultations and trainings for community, continuing, and corporate education administrators than anyone in the history of lifelong learning. Over 50 organizations and more than 3,000 people work with him every year.

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