Teaching Strategies Tip

Wed, Apr 24,2013 @ 03:39 PM
by Suzanne Kart |

teaching strategiesHere is just one of the great teaching tips we post at the Pedagogy of the 21st Century Blog - where you can find the latest in techniques, education trends and comments on how education is transitioning from the Industrial Age of the last century to serving the Knowledge Society of the 21st Century.  Many tips come from teachers in our courses. 

Make Personal Connection
   “My top best practice idea is this: Read every student introduction post and make one personal connection with that student in my response to them (i.e. "I also love that movie...especially the part where...." or "Oh, I see you live on a farm! I live in the city, but I raise chickens. Do you have chickens on your farm?" or "I see that you work part time at Applebees. I have to say that their fried onion appetizer is my favorite.") Kind of dumb, I know, but for me to make that connection online with each student helps me get to know my students more quickly.” -Rebecca George Bandy, Northwestern College, Shoreview, MN

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