Customer service tips for continuing education

Tue, Apr 30,2013 @ 08:42 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

customer service, continuing educationToday’s customers are more demanding than ever. People want value -and they want it now.

The Internet has helped create a world where people can “customize” their computers, their cars, or even the music they listen to. To be competitive in the business environment of the 21st century, you need to make sure that you add value to your program.

This will keep your customers happy and if they are happy, they will come back.

One thing you can do to keep your customers coming back is to change your business focus. If you are focusing on making money, shift your focus to creating long-term customers. This means"

  • Quality programs
  • Top-rate customer service
  • Responsive staff

If you focus on what your customers want, you will make money. If you simply focus on making money, you may lose your customers.

Join LERN for a webinar May 1 to discover the top tips for improving customer service. It's an ongoing process that must be practiced and reinforced - and one that brings great rewards!

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