Why operations is so important to continuing education programs

Thu, May 02,2013 @ 12:56 PM
by Suzanne Kart |

operations, continuing educationNow more than ever, running your lifelong learning organization like a business is critical. The simplifying of the operations of your program is important for both staff and customers.

The pace of running lifelong learning programs is dramatically increasing. Programs stuck in the world of meetings, process-laden decision-making requirements, top-down management (only the person at the top can make a decision), and meaningless reports will find it difficult to make the shift, may not ever leave the Industrial Age and thus will become a dinosaur and will soon be extinct.

If you want to increase your repeat rate, customer satisfactioin score and review, check out LERN's upcoming webinar 30 Best Operations Strategies on May 15. LERN's Greg Marsello will show you the most critical operations best practices and you will learn how your operations team can help all staff improve productivity.

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