How to use Tumblr to market your lifelong learning program

Mon, Jun 10,2013 @ 10:51 AM
by Kathryn Lynch-Morin |

Should your continuing education program be on Tumblr? Using Tumblr to market your lifelong learning program

Sure, it’s a blogging tool, but it’s also a great vehicle for sharing visually-stimulating information and an easy way to create and foster brand loyalty. The site, which reportedly generates 18 billion page views per month, can be very useful in marketing your lifelong learning program.

Here are three ways to use the micro-blogging site to your marketing advantage:

  1. Use it as a place to showcase your program in a visual way. If you have students turning in great art or photography, let those images live on your Tumblr page where others can see them, not in a file to be forgotten. This concept can be applied to everything from cooking classes, where food photos link to recipes, to music workshops which would lend themselves nicely to embedded performance videos.
  2. Maybe you get a lot of questions about your program, or maybe you wish people asked more. Either way, you can use Tumblr as a place where people can have their questions answered. Some pages simply create a separate FAQ page, while others allow users to post a question on the page or email the blog a private question. Some do it all.  If you have an expert on hand, make it known on the page that he or she is available to take questions and offer up advice.  
  3. Let your Tumblr page be a place where visitors can get news about your program and a place where they can find the latest tips and information on the industry at large. A Tumblr page for a motorcycle safety class, for example, could benefit from sharing an infographic or slideshow on the best motorcycle safety tips.

Whatever direction you decide to take with your Tumblr page, make sure you take advantage of the site’s social sharing elements by linking to your program’s website and Facebook and Twitter pages.

Some fun and effective examples:

Big Black Glasses

International Center of Photography  

Cook Your Cupboard 


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