Why creating new community, continuing education courses is essential

Wed, Aug 14,2013 @ 01:07 PM
by Kathryn Lynch-Morin |

Learn the ropes of extraordinary customer service from Fred BayleyAdding new courses to your lineup is essential to success.

But how do you know which courses will succeed and which will fall flat?

Fred Bayley, a senior LERN leader, has been in the field of lifelong learning for more than two decades and knows what it takes to create successful new courses. 

As one of the speakers at the LERN Conference in San Francisco, Nov. 21-23, Bayley will share new, advanced techniques for creating courses that will succeed.

Attendees will learn the 10 best questions to ask when creating a new course, how to survey current students and customers, and how to build upon existing successful courses. 

A highly-rated facilitator and energetic presenter, Bayley coauthored with LERN Vice President Julie Coates the program analysis that led to LERN's Program Review and Certification. 

In San Francisco, Bayley also will give presentations on the ratios for financial success, pricing to improve profit margins, as well as a pre-conference seminar on upping your program's customer service status.

 Download the final  2013 LERN Annual Conference brochure



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