6 awesome apps for continuing education

Thu, Aug 08,2013 @ 02:30 PM
by Kathryn Lynch-Morin |

6 great apps for continuing educationIf you're looking to boost your productivity, engage easier with colleagues or students, or just make life a little easier, there are tons of smartphone and tablet apps out there.

Here are six apps great for use in the field of continuing education:

1. Genius Scan

This app easily scans documents, notes or other objects and turn them into handy JPEGs or PDFs to share with students or colleagues. The Genius Scan app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. A free version is offered with some limited capabilities, or get the full version for $2.99.

2. Subtext

Exchange ideas, notes, questions and more in the pages of digital texts with Subtext. As an instructor, layer in enrichment materials, assignments and quizzes into digital books, web articles and other documents. This app allows users to add links, photos and videos to expand on the text. The app is free, but currently only available on iPads.   

3. Keynote 

Create world-class presentations, complete with animated charts, transitions and other data highlights with the Keynote app. Keynote, which costs $9.99, allows you to present right from the device or through video mirroring. Keynote also works with iCloud, so your presentations update on all of your devices automatically. 

4. Glassboard

Available in web, iPhone and Android versions, the free Glassboard app lets instructors and students share photos, videos, files, messages and locations with continuing education students or coworkers. All boards are kept private and remain visible only to approved group members. 

5. iResponse PRO

This app enables instructors to turn every class into an interactive learning environment. Create content, questions and answers, images and tests to share with students and help them improve material retention. Instructors can view, print and save session results by student performance or performance on a specific question. The iResponse app is $4.99 and available for iPads, iPods and iPhones. 

6. Popplet

Popplet lets users organize their ideas, and is great for instructors planning lectures, discussions or other classroom activities. Users can see the big picture of their ideas with brainstorming and mind-mapping features, tools to collect inspiration, galleries, journals and much more. Multiple users also can collaborate on projects. The Popplet Lite version is free with limited capabilities, and the full version is $4.99. 

Have you found any apps particularly helpful in collaborating with colleagues or students? 

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