Tales from the Road of Lifelong Learning

Tue, Aug 13,2013 @ 05:26 PM
by Greg Marsello |

My travels landed me in describe the imageDenver, Colorado this past week for a Program Review with Julie Beggs and the Front Range Community College Continuing Education Team. FRCC is shifting to more continuing professional education programming to balance within their community education offerings. Small world…A member of the CE Team hired me when I was at Hamilton College to dog, horse, and house sit for the summer of 1976. After visiting at FRCC, Melinda and I traveled to Winter Park, Colorado and went to the Rocky Mountain National Park…breathtaking! 


Photo: FRCC Staff



Tales from the Road of Lifelong Learning posts are written by Greg Marsello, LERN’s co-founder and Vice President for  Organizational Development. As "the hardest working man in lifelong learning," Greg has conducted more consultations and trainings for community, continuing, and corporate education administrators than anyone in the history of lifelong learning. Over 50 organizations and more than 3,000 people work with him every year.



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