What to tell your boss about the LERN Conference in San Francisco

Wed, Sep 18,2013 @ 12:30 PM
by Kathryn Lynch-Morin |

In just over two months, the LERN Annual Conference will kick off in San Francisco. What to tell your boss about the LERN Annual Conference

If you're still trying to convince your boss to let you participate in the most exciting week of lifelong learning all year, here are seven things you can add to your arsenal:

1. Only this conference delivers ROI. LERN Conference attendees generate an ROI of up to 10-times the cost of the conference. 

2. Registration is surging. Registration is up more than 19 percent compared to this time last year and LERN is expecting more than 900 people at this year's conference. 

3. There are 30 new sessions this year. Even if you went to the LERN Conference last year, you will have an entirely new experience this year as more than 30 new sessions have been added to the lineup. Some of the new sessions include Developing your Flipped/Blended/Hybrid Course, Tips for Teaching Online and the Future of Community Programming. 

4. That the boss should come, too. If your organization sends two people at the regular rate, a third person can attend the conference for free. The biggest complaint of attendees is that there is too much to choose from, so sending two or three people from your organization helps ensure your organization benefits from all the great sessions. 

5. The LERN Annual Conference has solutions that will work for your organization. Content is geared to a variety of institutional settings conducting educational programs for the community, for business and industry, and seminars for professional development. 

6. We've gone all out to bring you the best presenters and speakers. World-class keynote speakers will inspire you and expert presenters will give you knowledge you can start using immediately. This year's Superstar speakers are coming from across the country.

7. The participants are a great resource. If you attend, you'll have the chance to meet more than 900 of the best, most successful practitioners in lifelong learning and continuing and community education. Network with others in the roundtable discussions, Hall of Learning discussion area, at the luncheons and during our social events.  

If you're ready to register, simply visit our conference page, call 1-800-678-5376, or send an email to for more information. 

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