How weekly reports impact your staff success in continuing education

Thu, Oct 03,2013 @ 12:20 PM
by Greg Marsello |

continuing educationWe all have busy schedules so we cannot always connect with all staff and be updated on what they are working on, have accomplished, are being challenged by, and so on. Certainly sitting in a meeting updating each other is not a good strategy, but some form of updating needs to be done.

The updating can be done using an Intranet or virtual office or just by sending out a weekly email to all staff. The Intranet/virtual office is most likely better if you are a larger continuing education and customized training unit

The updates should be concise, bulleted, and focused on interesting/important information, but at the same time there should be a personal touch. The following is an example

  • Closed $50,000 in sales. XYZ Company purchased our newest product – Succession Planning.
  • Generated 20 new leads by holding a President's Breakfast for Hospital Executives. Got lots of positive feedback about our Health Industry Update.
  • Interviewed three candidates for the new Inside Sales position. Looking to make decision next week.
  • Having a problem keeping our CRM updated. Will be working from home Monday to get caught up.
  • Going skiing with my family this weekend. Sounds like a big snowstorm is coming in Friday night, so lots of great powder skiing!

Always best to send out your update on a Friday (while your past week is fresh in your mind).

When reading email updates from others, you may want to respond with a question, congratulations, and so on. Not suggested you hit reply all, but just reply to the sender. An Intranet/virtual office should provide a thread or you can just send a personal email, give them a call, or stop by their workspace.

Greg Marsello is  LERN's Vice President of Development



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