Tales from the Road of Lifelong Learning

Mon, Oct 21,2013 @ 07:39 AM
by Greg Marsello |

Lots of driving this week, Lisa & Derek SW WI TC resized 600as I travelled to Southwest Wisconsin Technical College for a Program Review. Worked with Dean Derek  Dachelet and his Business Industry and Services Team (B&IS). Their Farm Business & Production Management Program includes on-farm consulting as part of the open enrollment courses they attend. Real solution training! B&IS utilizes State Grants to support business training, but businesses pay at least 30% of the training and staff are building a five-year financial self-sufficiency plan.

PHOTO: Lisa Whitish and Derek Dachelet  

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Tales from the Road of Lifelong Learning posts are written by Greg Marsello, LERN’s co-founder and Vice President for  Organizational Development. As "the hardest working man in lifelong learning," Greg has conducted more consultations and trainings for community, continuing, and corporate education administrators than anyone in the history of lifelong learning. Over 50 organizations and more than 3,000 people work with him every year.


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