The top stories of the year: A Nine Shift post!

Thu, Dec 26,2013 @ 12:30 PM
by William Draves |

Here are the Top Three Nine Shift stories of the year: edge

#1 Story of 2013 
On the Edge of History

We are now on the edge of history. In the next few months, we take a huge turn, leaving the Industrial Age behind and moving fast forward with the 21stCentury.

Click here to find out what happens in the next few months, and why it is so pivotal for our society.

#2 The End of the Auto Age autoage

Driving is declining.  Only old people buy cars.  Gen Y is not buying cars. But it is also the end of a way of life. Suburbs, malls, drive-in restaurants, factories and buying stuff all are in decline.

 Click here for more.  

#3 The End of Text-Based Online Courses theend

The year 2013 marks the end of text based online courses, just like 1913 marked the end of movies looking like stage plays. 

For more, click here. 

Find all of the Top 10 Stories of 2013 here! 

Thanks for 10 years in support of Nine Shift everyone!

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