Why your contract training program needs a mobile strategy

Tue, Dec 31,2013 @ 11:45 AM
by Kathryn Will |

Most people—more than 90 percent—search the Internet before making a purchase, and moreA mobile strategy is key to a successful contract training program people than ever before are going online from their mobile devices.

Are your lifelong learning or continuing education customers having a good mobile experience on your site? To be successful, your contract training program needs to include a mobile strategy. This tip sheet breaks down the most important aspects of your mobile strategy. 

The 2015 LERN Contract Training Conference is March 10-12 in Chicago, and it offers you an opportunity to take home even more information, tips and techniques on running a successful and profitable contract training unit. See the full brochure here

The 2015 LERN Contract Training Conference includes sessions that will:

  • Help you create targeted and relevant training for new and existing clients
  • Allow you to communicate effectively in contract training sales situations
  • Teach you how to deepen client relationships 
  • Provide you with the tools you need to create a contract training take-away plan


Register now!


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