Video tip sheet: Develop a hybrid, flipped or blended lifelong learning class

Wed, Feb 12,2014 @ 10:15 AM
by Kathryn Will |

Kassia Dellabough discusses developing hybrid coursesToday, courses can be delivered in a number of ways, but sometimes students and instructors benefit most from a course that is offered in part online and in-person.

But how do you decide what will work online or what is best done in a traditional classroom setting?

LERN Senior Consultant Kassia Dellabough, Ph.D., discusses the framework for building a hybrid course, and the thought process that's involved when selecting online and in-person delivery methods.

Dellabough, who serves as Director at the Office of Professional Outreach & Development for Students, School of Architecture & Allied Arts, University of Oregon, will lead a pre-conference session on creating hybrid courses at the Faculty Development Conference, March 2-4, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Join her and take away information that is essential for creating a successful hybrid courses. 

Download the 2014 Faculty Development  Conference Brochure


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