Lakeway Activity Center gets local praise for its programming

Wed, Feb 26,2014 @ 11:55 AM
by Julie Coates |

At LERN, we love it when our members get the recognition they deserve. Lakeway logo resized 600

For the past three years, the Lakeway Activity Center in Lakeway, Texas has been recognized at the LERN  Annual Conference for its excellence in programming, and recently the mayor of Lakeway gave the department some praise, too.

"While Lakeway may be a smaller community, we continue to be recognized on a much larger scale. For three out of the last four years, the Lakeway Activity Center earned an award for excellence in programming from the Learning Resources Network, an international association of lifelong learning," Mayor Dave DeOme wrote in an editorial that appeared in the Austin American Statesman

"The activity center staff continually strives to provide the community with new and innovative programming for all ages. Adult educational opportunities include art and fitness programs, two-step, big band and zumba classes, language courses, defensive driving and landscape design, just to name a few," DeOme wrote. "Our younger patrons enjoy such activities as make and take cookery, abrakadoodle, Lego's with learning fun, fencing, soccer shots, tae kwon do, kinderdance, sportball and touchdown kids."

Most recently, the Lakeway Activity Center was recognized by LERN for its ability to listen to what people want and continually add new and innovative programs.  For Lakeway, this meant record-breaking revenue in its youth classes. 

The “Make and Mail” holiday card class, during which students create holiday paintings suitable for framing and printing as holiday cards, was one of the recognized programs. The program also incorporated cookie decorating and other holiday-themed activities. 

Lakeway said the class was so popular that when parents requested additional sessions, the Activity Center was able to schedule accordingly and allow more children to participate. And, because a different theme was used in each session, several children attended more than one. 

LERN is proud to have members like the Lakeway Activity Center — members that work to provide excellent programming to their constituents. 

It's wonderful that the Lakeway community recognizes the important work the Center is doing.

Congratulations Lakeway! Great work!


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