Video tip sheet: Determine, utilize your unique selling proposition

Wed, Mar 12,2014 @ 11:30 AM
by Kathryn Will |

Do you know your lifelong learning or continuing education program's Unique Selling PropositionGreg Marsello discusses unique selling propositions in lifelong learning or USP?

In this video, Greg Marsello, LERN Vice President for Organizational Development, discusses what a USP is, and is not, and how it is not determined by those who run the program. 

Your program’s defining characteristic is its USP. It is what your best customers value most about your program. Once you know your program’s USP, you now have the image you want to project to the target audiences you want to reach. Your USP should be simple and fill a void in the minds of prospective customers.

Your program's USP is your best and most valuable marketing tool. 

If you want to learn more about determining and harnessing the power of your program's USP, consider attending one of the 2014 LERN Institutes, April 7-10 in New Orleans. The USP will be discussed in-depth during the Program Management Institute, Marketing Institute and in the Contract Training Institute.

Download the 2014 LERN  Institutes Brochure



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