Video tip sheet: The four aspects of repeat lifelong learning classes

Tue, Apr 01,2014 @ 11:30 AM
by Kathryn Lynch-Morin |

Are you putting too much effort into your dogs when you could be boosting registrations andGreg Marsello, LERN Vice President for Organizational Development income by putting only a little more effort into your stars?

Greg Marsello, LERN Vice President for Organizational Development, discusses in this video the four aspects to consider when deciding the classes that will be repeated, revamped or eliminated. 

Knowing which classes to repeat and which to get rid of is an important part of running a successful and profitable program. If your program doesn't already measure the four metrics discussed by Marsello in this video, doing so would help your program make more data-driven decisions. 

Instead of investing more time and money into the programs that aren't successful, focus more of your time and extra promotion dollars on the winners and above average events and courses. 

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