Nine Shift post: Suburbs are dead

Fri, May 02,2014 @ 11:30 AM
by William Draves |

house resized 600Suburbs are dead. To the right is what a picture of what a suburban house will soon look like.

We predicted it 10 years ago.  Now even The New York Times is covering the story.
Here's a story on how suburbs are trying to keep young people from moving to the city (note to suburbs: futile!)

Here's another NYT story , titled "America's Urban Future," on how the federal government needs to change its funding from favoring suburbs to more equal funding treatment of the future.

100 years ago half of all Americans lived on a farm.  We researched what happend to those farmhouses: spare parts.  

This post was written by William A. Draves, who authored "Nine Shift: Work, Life, and Education in the 21st Century" with Julie Coates. Their latest book is "Pedagogy of the 21st Century." This post originally appeared on the Nine Shift blog.


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