New! LERN's Online Faculty Development Conference

Wed, Jun 11,2014 @ 11:45 AM
by Kathryn Will |

Online Faculty DevelopmentFaculty development creates income and reduces costs. Professionally-trained faculty are able to use their time more effectively, teach hybrid and online courses as well as face to face, and are more apt to adjust to new technologies and pedagogical strategies.

LERN's brand new Online Faculty Development Conference brings you the best ideas and strategies for faculty development from some of the top practitioners in the field.

The Online Conference beings Oct. 7 and lasts through Oct. 30. 

Through a series of webinars and discussions, the Online Faculty Development Conference will improve the professional development of your faculty and staff, resulting in an enormous Return on Investment (ROI) for your faculty.

All webinars are archived so if you can't view them at the time they air, you can view them later at your convenience. 

And, because research on conference attendance shows that two or more people from the same institution bring back substantially more information, ideas and change recommendations than one conference participant, LERN offers group discounts for the Online Faculty Development Conference. 

Registration is $245 for one person, $495 for up to three people from the same institution, and $995 for up to 10 people from the same institution.

Improve retention rates, increase completion and improve your program's overall teaching quality. Learn more and Register for the Online Faculty Development conference today. 

Download the Online Faculty Development Conference Brochure


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