Writing course descriptions

Fri, Jul 15,2011 @ 10:00 AM
by Blog Tipster |
Whether you are writing it for your own syllabus or for a publication that's going to go out to students so they can enroll in your class. You want to make your class seem as interesting as possible so include all the interesting things about your course that you are interested in. And I will assure you'll get people who are also interested in it. Tell the students what's going to be expected of them in the course description. What they are going to be studying, what kinds of authors you are going to be looking at and how many plays or stories or novels they are going to be reading. Make the course seem challenging so that you can get the best students if you are putting it up for publication in a catalog. You only want people who want to work as much as you need them to work. So make sure if it's a difficult course that you let them know that right off the back. Include in your description a sexy log line about what students will learn about life and reality based on your class. Like for example in this class you will learn what makes a play work and what doesn't work applying knowledge to your study as a theater artist or as an audience member making you more capable as both.

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