Crisis Alert for C.E.?  LERN Mulls the Warning

Apr 3, 2017 1:00:00 AM
by LERN |

With the University of Houston closing its Continuing Studies division last month, LERN is considering a Crisis Alert for C.E. in higher education.   The alert would focus on noncredit continuing education's direct financial contribution to the credit and degree side of the house. 

Few central administrators are aware that 5%, on average, of your noncredit continuing education students eventually register for a credit or degree program.  That direct financial contribution to the Institution often far outweighs any direct cost loss the c.e. unit may be experiencing.  Last year, for instance, LERN consultants found the c.e. unit at Pratt Institute, the leading four year design institution in the country, was producing some $9 million in tuition for the degree side from noncredit c.e. students later registering as credit students. 

Dorothy Durkin, one of the foremost continuing educators, told LERN that 6% of her noncredit c.e. students later enroll as a credit or degree student at New York University. She said for that very reason alone NYU would never eliminate the Continuing Studies unit.  

Too many other college and university officials are unaware of this direct financial impact. Feel free to email LERN President Wm. Draves with your thoughts on this issue at [email protected]




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Crisis Alert for C.E.?  LERN Mulls the Warning
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