Best Contract Training Lead Generation: Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services

Mar 27, 2018 1:56:53 PM
by Greg Marsello |

IMG_1578.jpgThe Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services Team has embraced and elevated the way lead generation is completed in today’s world of contracted training.

With the changing of relationship building through social media and the increased access to competitors for the Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services Team’s clients, Amy Lasack, Director of Training & Outreach Services, said her team has worked hard to find different avenues of generating that next big contract and client.

From a robust Facebook page, to product sales, to employer consortium events, to frequent free webinars, the Training & Outreach Services Team has made sure they move past the era of ‘cold calls’ and instead has found ways to be the solution for companies, before they even start searching for a way to solve their problem.

The Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services Team’s Facebook pages allow companies to get to know the sales team, which increases the trust level. Trust equals more sales and increases the chances that the Training & Outreach Services Team will be the first call.

Successful contract training has shifted from a “product or course/event based” sales environment. While it is true that most of what the Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services Team does is highly customized, they have not overlooked the value that product or course/event sales can do to generate new customer leads. Many times, products such as their Business Partners Program, generate some upfront revenue, but in the long run, create opportunities for customized, larger projects that start with the instructor or topic that was covered within the product.

With clients tightening their training budgets, companies are often wanting to find the most bang for their buck. The Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services Team has found value in creating customized consortium events that allow a group of companies to receive high quality, high dollar training, but share the cost among a group of employers. From their Leadership in Manufacturing Consortium to their Safety Partners Program, this format has been a successful way to meet the needs of their clients and generate high revenue.

The free webinars show value to their clients before they even spend a dime with the Training & Outreach Services Team and provide the Team a platform to mention upcoming events and areas of specialty that they can offer the audience. Additionally, webinars can be taped and used for future sales generation.

With the increasing competition and the ability to find training anywhere through a quick Google search, it is imperative that today’s contract training teams find innovative ways to stay in front of their clients.

LERN was pleased to present the Best Contract Training Lead Generation Award to the Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services Team for being on the cutting edge of being innovative in generating new leads.

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Best Contract Training Lead Generation: Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services
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