UGotClass - Time to Gear Up for Big February Session!

Wed, Oct 22,2014 @ 02:40 PM
by Zech Hipp |

February and March are usually our biggest registration months. With our registrations setting records, now’s the time to gear up. Your top priority is getting our 10 most popular and prof-itable certificates in your next print brochure with course descriptions. Next, November is the month to update your web site. 

November Web Site To-Do’s

Here are the top things our most successful Partners do on their web sites:

1. Integrate courses.
Integrate UGotClass certificates and courses with your in-person courses by subject category. The primary motivation for a learner is the course subject.

2. Create an additional link.
In addition, create a link to all the UGotClass courses and certificates. On your web site, you can and should list all our courses. Use our pre-made web pages with your name, logo and registration links.

3. Create online registration.
Create online registration for your UGotClass certificates and courses just like you have for your other offerings.


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