LERN announces launch of Dashboard Tool, Free webinar

Thu, Sep 03,2015 @ 09:52 AM
by Brendan Marsello |

LERN is excited to announce the successful launch of the new Dashboard Tool. The initial Dashboard survey for Fall 2015 closed with 140 responses and we are excited to grow that number going forward with Dashboardsubsequent surveys.

The LERN Dashboard is a member benefit data collection and analysis tool, located in the LERN Club, and designed to provide you access to LERN member key benchmark data such as operating margin, cancellation rate, repeat rate, lead: contract ratio, and much more. Members are able to compare their data for a given time period with other LERN members.

A member’s data can be compared with all other LERN members as a whole, or the data can be narrowed to programs of similar size, location or constituency.

 In order to spread awareness and understanding of this new, exciting tool, LERN is offering a free webinar to our members. This webinar will explain the purpose of the tool, as well as walk members through the process of both submitting data and preforming their own analysis. Please join us on Oct. 15 at 2 p.m. ET/ 1 p.m. CT/ Noon MT/ 11 am PT. We look forward to helping all members take advantage of this powerful tool!

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