New! LERN Digital Library Opens - LERN Annual Conference News for Friday

Thu, Dec 03,2015 @ 04:00 PM
by LERN |

The conference marks the opening of our new Digital Library, an online warehouse with all of our paid publications available for one low annual subscription for your entire staff, 24X7.

The 1,000 items include books, Guidebooks, paid webinar archives, slide with audio presentations, and our first 10-minute self-study lessons.  Our Digital Librarian is Gale Hughes.


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Julie Coates
Improvement Plan: What Programs are Working on in 2017 (With Resources To help!)
Kathryn Lynch-Morin
Snapshot of success: Continuing Education & Corporate Training at Northern Lakes College
Greg Marsello
Key elements in creating a Successful customer experience  culture
Julie Coates
5 Food trends to feed new programming for 2017
Kathryn Lynch-Morin